For more than 30 years, Lori Preusch has been enchanting the art world with her captivating paintings and visionary musings.

With every stroke of her brush, this self-taught artist stirs memories, secrets and reflections of the heart. Touching, healing and inspiring, her paintings capture with childlike wonder the whimsy, innocence, joy and total bliss of being a child.

Her heartfelt depth of understanding the inner child and her quest to reach into that fanciful world with inventiveness has brought forth an abundance of work that, like music, so poetically touches the deepest core, affecting one beyond reason. Born and raised in Southern California, searching for her own inner peace, she began painting little tales (vignettes) of children. Little ones who are inquisitive, strong and fearless and find escape from the outside world inside cherished moments of pure mystery, adventure and sheer joy.

With exquisite detail and realistic imagery Lori lets you escape into a world where there’s nothing to fear. Where goodness prevails. And gentleness is as constant as the moon’s bright beams and the sun’s golden rays.

Everything magically blends together to create a perfect harmony of unforgettable images with rainbows of emotions. The true power of her work is that it speaks to a place long forgotten by those who have left their dreams and imagination far behind.

Stories abound with Lori as she seems to have an inexhaustible supply of inventiveness which is responsible for the variety of her work. With each painting taking several months to complete, its own creation is a journey and in it tells about Lori’s eternal quest for seeing goodness in the world, and by its completion, letting us all take a brief pause from the challenges of life.

The rich, imaginative power of her work is not only unique but highly appreciated by admirers all over the world. Some say her art is inspiring and captivating. Others say it’s healing and mesmerizing. 

In the end, what Lori’s paintings touch is a part of all of us that is hidden. Not lost, just hidden. And to discover its magic is like finding a special haven for dreams we once dreamt and for wishes we’ve long ago silenced. It’s opening a window on our own lost innocence and seeing just beyond, a glimpse of that always loving, always trusting and always forgiving child…who calmly stands waiting to welcome us home.

-Michelle Martino

Lori Preusch       PhotoCredit: Charlie Patterson 2012


All Images © 1983-2019 Lori Preusch