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To experience the dreamscape of Lori Preusch’s creative vision is to be transported into other worldliness. Occupying that blurred delineation between fantasy and reality, Preusch strives to depict a world at once whimsical, yet yearning, earthly, yet divine - - a world of “accidental harmonies.”  


I am a poet. I used to think that all poems needed words. Your paintings are poems which need no words.

Julie P.

Your artwork goes straight to the heart and touches one's soul.

Pauline D.

We are absolutely delighted that your exquisite artwork will once again be available. Our little family has long been in love and in awe of your beautiful art & precious message to all...Especially our twin daughters who were blessed to grow-up & embrace your magical & deeply imaginative sense of the world. Priceless for all of us...and we're so grateful to have you back! We have dearly missed you...

the hArLaN fAmILy

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Your paintings have brought me back to my own childhood, speaking of things that matter in ways that words cannot.

Thelma D.

Are there words for some of the gifts that Lori Preusch brings to the world?  I think not. She sees and recreates for us worlds and wonders beyond words; worlds to touch our hearts, minds and spirits that heal, delight and renew our energy.  Some I can sit with for hours and not see everything there.  Or others start me on a long fascinating adventure that soothes my soul, relaxes my muscles and chases my cares away.  The world is blessed by Lori.  

Alice Crapo

Lori's cards…..Take your pick and each one will take you into a world of wonderful pleasure. Through detailed, precise brushwork a world of delight comes to life. Each card can bring you to moments or places in a world that is full of happy imagination. To send one of these cards fits any occasion and leaves one with a smile, a touch of amazement and beauty.

Suzy Maynard

With great depth and detail, Lori's richly imaginative paintings express wonder and joy. Each painting is an invitation to explore, play and live with curiosity and delight!  

Sandy B.

Your work is an inspiration to me. I've traveled far and away with your cards and all to places I'd never dreamed I'd go.

Michael M.

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This is another world altogether….such a pleasant mystery.

S. Christianson

I have decided that in addition to being a very talented artist, technically you know animals, and are imaginative, but also enigmatic.

Eleanor B.

Thank you Lori Preusch for creating beautifully expressive ideas, visualized in such a charming original series of images. I am completely impressed.

Shannon R.

What an inspiration Lori Preusch is to me! I fell in love--absolute love in the 1980's with Lori's art when I received my first greeting card, and I have quite a collection to this day.  Her art definitely stands the test of time, it speaks in detail-amazing detail; evokes imagination, emotion, thought, beauty, strength and introspection like no other. Recently my youngest daughter went off to college and as I began as an "empty-nester", I combed through things I would no longer need. I reviewed my Lori Preusch collection and came across the girl with the nest above her head…moving! Timeless, period. Art revisits with new meaning given the times and trials of our lives, thank you Lori, I will always be a fan. Keep doing what you do so well, art and creativity know no bounds, you are a gem!"

Michelle Grace

I have honestly seldom seen such stunning talent with such variety from one person. This is a very special imagination at work, combined with beautiful artistry.

Frances R.

The name dandelion is so apropos as dandelions have always been a source of imagining potential, wishes having a chance of realization as one picks on and blows the stems into the breeze.  Your artistic creativity, perception, and inventive originality express a tangible art form of these daydreams, wishes, and chimeras existing in your images.  Thank you for providing a means to share them.

Joan Gehrke

The exquisite quality of your work, which for all its extreme delicacy never wavers or betrays any hint of uncertainty.

J. Clark

Step into the unique and magical world created by Lori Preusch and you will find yourself captivated by the unexpected. With an exquisite touch and a vivid imagination she invites you to look at life as if you were a child once again.  

Maggie Bowes

I absolutely love what is in your head and in your heart.

Tarri McEvoy

Spark, passion and delight.  Without a doubt, it is clearly evident that Lori's artwork has spark - that glow that makes art exceptional and appealing. The details in her beautifully executed paintings reflect her passion for life, her interest in all things loved and treasured. Her delightfully imagined environments of the world of children, animals, nature, playfulness, books - and beyond - allows the collector to continually view the painting with renewed interest.  Lori's rare view of the world through her art grows with the concept and execution of each new painting…full of spark, passion and delight.   

Victoria Foster Harrison

Thank you, Lori, for sharing your gift with the world and taking me along on your journeys through your work. 

Joy Hess

Lori-- you write stories with art, and paint our innocent, childlike dreams. I found my first Dandelion card in a bookshop in Sedona, Arizona, over 3 decades ago. It was of a polar bear and a girl in red and blue, studying a map. I fell in love with the mind and soul of this art the moment I picked up that card, and I have been an enthusiast ever since. 


In 1993 I was pregnant and wandering through a specialty card store.   I came upon a wonderful card with a young girl, reading a book, and all the characters coming alive.  I fell in love with it immediately and framed it and placed it next to my daughter's crib to welcome her home when the time came. . . .  The years went by and we moved several times, but Mother Goose always hung in her room.  Crib turned to bed and toybox was replaced with bookshelves.  My daughter loves books. . . .  Mother Goose went off to college with her and into her first apartment, after graduating from UMD with a degree in English and Creative Writing.   Thank you Lori for making such a beautiful and timeless piece of art.  One day I hope it will hang by her baby's crib too!

Katherine Brake
Deep River, CT



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