reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott

"Attention all letters that I have collected -
Sweep me away to the vast unexpected! "

Delivering Dreams is a three-in-one wonder, with many extras that will delight children and those who read the book to their young ones. First, it is an engaging short story. Second, it is an artwork with rich, evocative illustrations on every page—and the pages are unusually large, each one an exciting display of bright, emotive pictures. And third, the book is a poem, inventive and expressive like the accompanying drawings. The story centers on a little girl walking every day to the mailbox, considering it just a chore until she begins to get letters from her Grandpa telling of faraway places—India, Venice, Turkey, Nepal—where Grandpa is roving. The illustrations show the many ways in which she is “transported” by her dreams to these enchanting climes. For example, we see her piloting a child-sized airplane, riding a charging steed, and surveying a golden road ahead in her tiny automobile. Then one day the letters stop coming—but they will be replaced by an even bigger surprise.

A treat for eyes, ears, and creative minds, this charming book fulfills the title’s promise. Preusch is both the storyteller and the illustrator of this innovative offering. She has matched her gently poetic tale with soft, glowing images certain to attract all imaginative children. One remarkable device the author has concocted is that of turning two pages into four-sided doubles that show an envelope on the outside which, when opened, unfolds into a panorama of postcards and pictures sent to the child by her wandering grandparent.

Well-known internationally for her artwork, Preusch is here debuting her talent as a writer of children’s books. Her book has already won several awards, including the Eric Hoffer Award: First Award Finalist, presaging a promising future for her in this new creative arena.




 This book is a beautifully written and illustrated adventure of a young girl who travels vicariously through letters she receives from her grandfather during his travels around the world. Each day she awaits new adventures in her mailbox and imagines herself adventuring along with him. She is content to travel via mail until the day that one of her letters returns unopened. Then a new way to travel comes her way. The author's fantastic prose and whimsical and colorful illustrations transport the reader into the young traveler's world and all those she visits. This book will encourage all children to take up pen and paper to correspond with their most distant friends and relations.



A large, gloriously lavish book about a girl waiting for letters from her Grandpa. It’s about journeys, about strange, exotic places, beautifully illustrated with original images. The ties and love between the two generations shines out as the story is told in rhyme and the artwork clearly the product of a mature, gifted artist. This is a book that will reward frequent visits and remain fascinating to children of all ages (including grown-up children with a love for adventure and fantasy), offering up new insights and hidden delights the more you study it.


All Images © 1983-2019 Lori Preusch