A New Dandelion Book is Underway!

For two years now, our MicroFiction contest has succeeded in captivating visionary writers of all ages. Through our literary challenge we discovered just how perfectly your winning stories could express the enchantment of Lori’s art.

Inspired by her original paintings, the stories we’ve received have ranged from the poignant to the joyful, from the magical to the familiar. Our MicroFiction authors have penned their tales from their homes around the world, bringing their own treasure troves of experience and perspective to light as they mused over illustrations like Charmed, Just a Dream, The Long Way and One Thousand Stories High.

Now we invite you all to participate in the magic of this collaborative adventure! The winning MicroFiction stories will be illuminated by the art that inspired them, gathered up in a beautifully-produced volume, made with all the care and attention to detail that every one of Lori’s images express. This new book will be as much yours as ours. Our Call for Submissions will go out far and wide, to the elder and the younger. When all the winning stories have been assembled, we will formally announce the name and publication date of our new volume.

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All Images © 1983-2019 Lori Preusch