Delivering Dreams

Written and Illustrated by Lori Preusch


One magical day, into the remotely quiet and peacefully serene world of one precocious little girl, comes a special delivery letter from her globe trotting Grandpa. The moment she opens that letter, she opens her heart and ponderings to the spectacular adventures, exotic worlds and unbounding thrills to come with every one of his wonderfully rich, wildly colorful and daringly adventurous tales.

Within no time, she is his kindred spirit of imagination and exploration, taking herself on flights of fancy sailing the white-capped waves of the salty seas, soaring into billowy clouds as a daring pilot and riding into gusty winds with teams of wild horses.

As his faraway world unfolds, it beckons this little girl to voyage far beyond her wildest dreams ...

Through stunning illustrations and fantastically enchanting artwork, turning each page is akin to dancing into the gloriously whimsical and exquisitely spell-binding world of author and artist, Lori Preusch.



Keep a close watch, it won’t be long before it’s finished and ready to land in your mailbox!


We’re working at full gallop to finish Delivering Dreams! Leave some room in your saddle bags for one, very special book. You’ll be glad you did! In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek from page number 12...

The pages are ruffling as all of the pieces are falling into place and luckily for you, Lori decided to add one more page to her book which means you may have to pour a second cup of tea in order to finish reading your copy of Delivering Dreams!


A great big round of applause to all of you for the spectacular patience you have had as this project has moved along. Since it began, we have built a website, opened an Etsy store (link), planned an upcoming series of exquisite limited edition prints and have also added beautiful journals, studio prints and seven new cards to the shop. In addition to all of that, we have created inspiring new products that will accompany the book release. A Delivering Dreams correspondence set to inspire connection through hand written letters and four giclee prints depicting magical adventures from the story will be offered. We are in the process of sourcing a printer and although we are rushing to be ready for Christmas, we can’t say for certain until the next please stay tuned for  a bit longer. Thank you all. It is our hope that "Delivering Dreams" will inspire children to follow their true nature and live joyful lives that are in alignment with all that they love and dream of. 

"Anchors Away"
The original paintings from "Delivering Dreams" will be offered for sale following its release.

"Delivering Dreams" is the stunning and vibrant creation of artist Lori Preusch. Through the magic of her rhymes and the irresistible appeal of her intricately detailed paintings, children, and the child in all of us, will find their imaginations soaring. Journey with this brave young heroine to the far reaches of our beautiful planet, and you will never see it the same way again.


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All Images © 1983-2019 Lori Preusch