Contest Guidelines

Open to all ages, to writers published and unpublished.  Every few months, Dandelion Press will post a new image with the question, “What is the story of this painting?”  Your literary challenge is to illustrate that art in words, staying true to the feelings, values, and imagery you see there! Don’t let your creative thread be cut short by too many details, but allow the nuances of subtle feelings to guide your pen! The winner’s story will be featured on our website blog and FaceBook page.*  The winner will also receive a bouquet of Dandelion products and be placed on the short-list of possible authors for Dandelion’s next book publication (no date set!).  

Contest Guidelines:

Send all submissions and queries to by the deadline noted.   Please, no phone inquiries or hard copy submissions.  

Maximum word count: 1000.   Please tell us your final word count!

Please note your age category:  Young writer (18 and under), or Adult writer

Let us know how you would like your “by-line” to read on our blog and FaceBook page:  Your full name or initials, and how you would like your location identified. 

* Winning stories (credited with author’s name, location, and young writer’s age) may also be used in Dandelion Press exhibits or other creative venues.  Entering the Micro-Fiction contest expresses your consent for this usage.

Include your contact information: phone and email.

Only each contest’s winner will be notified.


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